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“Anna’s Guided Math has been a game changer for my math block. My students truly enjoy math this year, and so do I! I have seen more students succeed in the first 2 months of school, than I have in 8 years. I love that my students, struggling learners all the way up to gifted, can all participate at their levels during the same math block.” – Jeniffer

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“Guided Math has totally transformed my classroom! I was looking for a way to ensure that I was serving both my top math students and my struggling students equally. I was sure that some of my brightest students were bored with the way I had been teaching math in the past. Stumbling across Guided Math has been a game changer. I am confident that all of my students’ needs are being met. Students are excited about the format and love the small group attention, and I am just amazed by how independent and self sufficient they are by the second month of second grade.” – Kara

When you think of differentiation, you think… “Oh My, how long is this going to take to make for each student?” Anna’s guided math provided me more in-depth understanding of how to meet each of my students needs. Everyday my students are itching to get to the rotations because they actually get to move, and learn. Guided math is an essential component in our day, and without it, I truly wouldn’t know how to teach to each student and their needs. – Rachel

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